WOW: 200 U.S. Marines Stranded After Desert Storm… Then Trump Picks Up The Phone

One of Donald Trump’s main talking points has been how, if he is elected, he will take care of our military and make sure it has everything it needs during and after and potential conflicts.

While some have questioned Trump’s consistency, Hannity reported that during the Gulf War Trump actually helped out 200 stranded Marines who didn’t have a flight home to Florida.

Cpl. Ryan Stickney recounted that after his unit spent six months in Saudi Arabia between 1990 and 1991 it then went to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina before heading home to Miami. However, the Marines were told that due to a logistics failure their ride home wasn’t available.

Somehow Trump got word of this and immediately dispatched his private jet to take the Marines to Florida.

“The way the story was told to us was that Mr. Trump found out about it and sent the airline down to take care of us. And that’s all we knew … I remember asking ‘Who is Donald Trump?’ I truly didn’t know anything about him,” Stickney stated.

Trump has not commented on this except his campaign confirmed that his jet did make two trips from North Carolina to Miami to transport 200 Marines back home.

“It may not seem like much to most people, but it was very important to a bunch of jar heads and more importantly their families waiting for them on the hot tarmac,” explained Stickney. “I have not seen a Clinton or Sanders plane, or anything else for that matter, sent to support the troops.”

This was an amazing thing that Trump did for our troops before he was ever considering running for president. This just goes to show that Trump does truly care about America’s fighting men and women, and always has.

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