WOW! Amish Leave The Farm, Arrive at Trump’s Rally With THIS Urgent Message

Donald Trump has proven once again that he is looking out for ALL Americans and that his base of supporters is extremely diverse. If the Amish County turnout is any indication of election day turnout, Pennsylvania could go red in November!

A Donald Trump rally recently held in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the heart of Amish County, prompted scores of Amish residents to tack up their buggies and head to town. A plethora of beards, bonnets, and suspenders-wearing Pennsylvania Dutch came out to support the Trump/Pence ticket and let everyone know we need Trump as our President!

Approximately 65,000 “Plain People” or Amish live in Pennsylvania, which is also home to a sizable Mennonite population.

While Pennsylvania may be the primary location of choice for Amish families, the all-important swing state of Ohio comes in a close second and has its own Amish Country region where tens of thousands of families live, work, and worship.

There are hundreds of Amish colonies throughout the United States. The groups do not keep in touch via text or phone, but they are still indeed very close clans. All, if not almost all, Amish households subscribe to The Budget, a newspaper published specifically for their community, allowing news and views to spread not immediately like a tweet but still very quickly.

The Amish PAC is based out of Virginia and was formed to educate Amish voters about Donald Trump and encourage them to vote.

Although the Amish lifestyle and that of Donald Trump’s definitely do not intersect, that appears not to matter to the folks who have talked to the media about their community’s growing support for the Republican.

Many Amish have said they are not looking for a “perfect president” and believe it is the church’s place to teach morality and not the government’s. They, like tens of millions of other Americans, want a president who respects the rights guaranteed by the Constitution – particularly freedom of religion.

Donald Trump’s business sense has also been attracting more Amish supporters. While they are only permitted to utilize modern technology at a place of work when it is absolutely necessary, the Amish are savvy businessmen who own profitable small businesses around the nation, which are open to the public.

After a moment of surprise about Amish coming out in droves for Donald Trump, all the pieces fall into place, and their support for the man who knows how to run a successful business and respects the Constitution makes perfect sense.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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