WOW: Bill’s Former Lover Drops Bombshell…Reveals Sickening Hillary Racism And Bigotry

While Hillary Clinton has enjoyed widespread support from minorities in the primaries, a new book by a woman who claims to have been Bill Clinton’s longtime lover makes the explosive case that the presumptive Democrat nominee and her husband are anything but the tolerant supporters of racial equality that they purport to be.

Rather, the power couple has a long history of making racially prejudiced remarks as well as other hateful comments, according to the recently released memoir, “Hillary: The Other Woman.

And the language the former first lady reportedly uses is decidedly un-ladylike. In fact, it seems more suited to a prison yard than the executive mansions of her former state or current country.

In the tawdry tell-all, Arkansas native Dolly Kyle maintains that Hillary called mentally challenged children“f***ing ree-tards” when they had trouble picking up the eggs during an Easter egg hunt at the Arkansas governor’s mansion. She also referred to Jews as “stupid k***s” and “f***ing Jew b******s.”

While Kyle generally presents a somewhat sympathetic opinion of the former president, she contends that both Bill and Hillary called the Rev. Jesse Jackson a “g***amned n****r” behind his back.

Despite the claims of blatant and patently offensive racism, Kyle writes that Bill Clinton had multiple affairs with black women in Little Rock, including a well-known television newscaster who bragged about the trysts.

As TPNN previously reported, these are far from the first damaging claims Kyle has made about the Clintons. After having met Bill on a golf course when she was 11 and he was 12, she’s known the couple all her adult life. Given all the troubles currently dogging Hillary Clinton, who Kyle believes is “cognitively impaired,” Bill’s ex-paramour believes the former first lady is “about to melt down at any moment.”

h/t: Daily Mail

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