WOW! Hillary’s UNCENSORED Comments About Monica Lewinsky EXPOSED By Longtime Friend

Let’s face it: Bill Clinton has had a mountain of mistresses, abuse victims, and outright sexual assault allegations to his credit. While many Hillary Clinton apologists insist that, as her husband, Bill has absolutely no bearing on her leadership ability, the facts do not bear this out.

Hillary brutally defended her husband against his rap sheet of infidelity and even called Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic looney toon” to her close friend, Diane Blair, a political science professor whose papers were donated to the University of Arkansas Special Collections Library. This “friend” has provided some very telling insights into Hillary Clinton’s character.

Needless to say, Hillary was characterized by this former friend as a “strong, ambitious, and ruthless political operative.” In Blair’s written account of Hillary’s defense of Bill’s sexual misconduct, she said, “[Hillary thought] she was not smart enough, not sensitive enough, not free enough of her own concerns and struggles to realize the price he was paying.”

Excuse me? The price Bill was paying? For screwing hookers? Well, golly gee whiz—I’m sure everyone feels just awful for how hard Bill Clinton’s life was! That doesn’t change the fact this man is more than likely a sex addict who has constantly cheated on his wife and abused young women.

Even though we definitely have a strong dislike for Hillary Clinton, the fact remains she is Bill Clinton’s spouse. Thus, she was likely jealous of the relationship between Bill and Lewinsky, even though Bill tried to “break away” from Monica, according to Blair’s account of Hillary.

“HRC insists, no matter what people say, it was gross inappropriate behavior, but it was consensual (was not a power relationship) and was not sex within any real mean (standup, lie down, oral, etc.) of the term,” Blair wrote, though it seems hard to believe. Clinton was just covering for her husband, and if you put all of these exploits in a different context, this couple would come across as trailer trash (as some elitists might say).

And as far as the absence of a “power relationship,” the fact of Monica being an intern and Bill being a U.S. president makes Hillary’s contention downright laughable. In any other setting, Bill would have not just potentially lost his job for lying under oath, but he also would have been impeached simply for engaging in relations with a young intern!

Moreover, Blair’s writing gives us a window into the huge double standard that is the life of Hillary Clinton. Although she puts up a good front and discusses how sexual assault victims should all be heard and believed, when Sen. Bob Packwood’s sexual harassment scandal hit, she decried all of those “whiney women” because she needed Packwood on healthcare. She is nothing but a pure sociopath.

Indeed, Blair’s writings showcase a portrait of a woman immensely dissatisfied with those she had to work with, having called members of Congress “a bunch of whiners” with “no courage” during her disastrous healthcare policies. Moreover, Hillary loves the press but only when it is on her side. Otherwise, she characterizes them as having “big egos and no brains.”

Blair’s writings noted how Hillary had a strong belief in a single-payer healthcare plan, but she did not promote it at all during her 2008 campaign. While one can only guess with this woman, perhaps it wasn’t “politically expedient” to do so.

If you believe Hillary Clinton to be a saint, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you. And much like that famous con-artist, Clinton will “sell you a bridge” as well, but it will be a con that makes her the solid chief executive for this country.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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