WOW! New WikiLeak Reveals The 1 Thing Hillary Wanted Hidden Forever

The true character of individuals is shown in how they conduct themselves behind closed doors. The Wikileaks releases continue to show Hillary Clinton is simply not to be trusted. If enough voters read the latest revelation, Hillary’s chances for the White House would be doomed forever.

Hillary told a private audience comprised of Goldman Sachs employees and board members that she “represented all of [them] for eight years in the United States Senate.” Thus, it is painfully obvious that Hillary does not represent the American people, just global elites and big banks, per

Hillary Clinton is truly one famous woman… famous for taking a position in public that is the polar opposite of what she really believes. It is Clinton’s actions that reveal her true character.

In public, Clinton tells us she wants to start reforming Wall Street. She wants to take on the big banks and work for the American people, but during Clinton’s eight years in the U.S. Senate, she was literally Wall Street’s best friend. She was its advocate.

Earlier in this election, Clinton came under fire from Bernie Sanders when he proclaimed her Goldman Sachs’s “partner in government.” While she spun it as promoting economic development in lower Manhattan after 9/11, big banks like this one largely avoid traditional market practice and make risky trades leading to “bubbles” that can be horrible for the economy and for the middle class.

There is, of course, another problem with Hillary’s support of big banks and Goldman Sachs. It hearkens back to 1996 during her husband’s State of the Union speech to Congress.

Bill Clinton told a young and idealistic America “the era of big government [was] over,” yet apparently his wife did not get the message when she ran for president herself some twenty years later. If Hillary is elected president, one thing is for certain: government will expand and get bloated further, and the national debt will only get higher.

Moreover, we have learned a number of things about the Clintons since that day in 1996. We have learned the Clintons sell their influence to the highest bidder through the use of the Clinton Foundation. The scandals only continue under this corrupt power couple.

We have also learned the web of the Clintons continues unabated. It is something to be expected more if she is elected. Clinton’s budget strategist is Dan Beksha, who was a vice president of Goldman Sachs. For Clinton, there is just no loyalty to the American people. There is only cronyism.

Although the Clintons continue to do everything in their power to smear Donald Trump, the portrait of a world in 2024 with Hillary as president of the United States is a far different place than it is today.

It is one with a liberal Supreme Court, immense crime, and record foreclosures.

In a sense, America will become Detroit under eight years of Hillary Clinton. And that is why it must be stopped.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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