WOW! Trump Just Made THIS ‘9/11 Announcement’ That Americans Were Waiting For, It’s PERFECT

All presidential campaigning has been suspended today, in honor of the remembrance of the lives lost on September, 11, 2001. Donald Trump is going back to his native New York to pay tribute to the souls lost at the hands of radical Islamic terrorism and to the heroic men and women who gave their all to help the victims that day – far too many of which lost their own lives in the process.

Donald Trump is going to visit the 9/11 Memorial today and is going to spend some time at a nearby FDNY firehouse after the ceremony, Newsmax reports.

In a prepared statement on his website, he also stated, “Today is a day of sadness and remembrance. It is also a day of resolve.” (You can read statement in full click here).

Trump did not go into great detail about his schedule for today, most of his interaction with those assembled to mourn and remember will be kept private – out of respect for both the solemness of the day and for the privacy of the local heroes he speaks with throughout the day.

Hillary Clinton was also at the ceremony, but was forced to leave due to a ‘medical episode.”

The 9/11 Day group, a nonprofit organization seeking to establish September 11 as a national holiday of service and remembrance, asked the presidential candidates to honor the victims and survivors of the attack, and the meaning of the annual ceremony, by suspending all campaigning for 24 hours.

Even though Hillary is not campaigning today, the presidential race is very much still in the forefront of the news cycle.

The mainstream media is once again carrying Clinton’s water and bashing Donald Trump.

No less than one dozen negative news stories pop up about Donald Trump and 9/11 if you do a quick Google or Bing search with the Republican candidate’s name.

Trump, a private citizen at the time, has long been heralded by the FDNY and many citizens whom he helped in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack.

But, you would know none of that if you had not closely followed the news for many years now.

Hillary Clinton was serving as the Senator of New York at the time of the attacks, but she kept a decidedly low profile after the carnage forever changed the way of life in America.

When you watch news footage from the days and weeks after the towers fell, you see the mayor and the governor, frequently on the ground amid the rubble, giving comfort and information to those who needed it most.

No one can forget George W. Bush’s emotional speech from Ground Zero.

Where was Hillary Clinton?

She did make at least one brief visit to “the pile” but was apparently too focused on her own power hungry ambitions to take an active or leadership role after the terror attack

Once again, Hillary Clinton opted against rubbing elbows with commoners and put her own desires above the needs of those she took an oath to protect and represent.

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