WOW! Trump Just Went To Capitol Hill…The Reaction He Got Is PRICELESS!

The tide is certainly turning for the Trump campaign.

Throughout the primaries, he saw surging support from voters around the nation. Yet established Republicans were terrified about what he might to do to their status quo.

The GOP leaders in Washington questioned his ability to leader, questioned his style. It seems they didn’t want an outsider to upset their comfy ecosystem.

Despite all this, Trump clinched the GOP nomination, beating 17 entrenched, career politicians.

While there are still some foolish GOP leaders trying to undermine Trump’s momentum, the majority seem to have seen the light.

From Breitbart:

All signs point to a successful meeting, as leaders in Washington came out in support of what Trump had to say. Perhaps hearing from the man directly won them over. Perhaps spending a little time with these DC insiders placated their egos. Either way, Trump is stitching up the support he needs to the GOP.

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