WOW – Trump Walked to the Platform and Began Speaking, Then THIS Suddenly Happened

All stock markets are prone to sudden changes. People who work in the financial sector have a more discrete way of saying that like “the markets hate uncertainty”, but they refer to the same thing. If an unexpected change occurs, one that stands out from the current state (like a terror assault or a referendum for a country’s independence) the stock market normally gets knocked down.

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So, it was with a curious eye that the market watchers scrutinized an anomaly. As Donald Trump spoke about sovereign economics and a renegotiation of anti-American trade agreements, something out of the ordinary happened. The stock markets shot back upfrom the lows caused by a knee-jerk reaction to a terror attack in Istanbul and the Britain’s departure from the European Union. Imagine that.

Could it be that the sound economic practice of supply and demand, and the art of the deal, is sounding good to markets that have been pushing paper – not products – for decades? Indeed, it might be that a pro-American economic policy is viewed by the world as an indication the global economy has a chance.

Since the encroachment of Progressivism into the free markets, governments have been, to use the popular phrase, picking winners and losers. They have mandated products and services while banning others; manipulating the markets to serve an ideological end.

Perhaps the best examples of this kind of manipulation come in the areas of green energy and healthcare reform.

The Progressive Green Movement is chock-full of examples of market manipulation. Chief among those examples are carbon credits. The idea behind carbon credits comes in the notion of a “tradable certificate” representing the right to emit carbon dioxide (or the mass of an equivalent gas) even though the Green Movement says greenhouse gases are “the biggest threat to the Earth” today.

At the core of the carbon credit scam is a market set-up at the Chicago Board of Trade to literally trade these certificates. No product is created. No service is rendered. But paper is pushed and wealth is created, ironically, out of thin air. This infusion of non-product or service based wealth is literally based on nothing but a government created regulation. Government is literally creating wealth via regulation.

Then there are the disastrous green power subsidies of the Obama Administration. Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars were infused into an untested industry only to have much of what they were developing exist as excessively costly and inefficient. Lightbulbs were banned only to be replaced with new models whose disposal presents a mercury contamination threat. And windmills are slaughtering endangered species by the scores.

Obamacare saw government mandate the purchase of a service, health insurance, under the guise of the law being about healthcare. It set the industry on its head, many say, to force a single payer system through the Cloward-Piven Strategy. This mandate has destroyed the idea of employer-based benefits and has decimated the Middle Class with sometimes double and triple digit increases in insurance premiums.

So, when Donald Trump comes to the microphone, as the markets are sputtering because of self-inflicted wounds due to knee-jerk reactions to world events, and says we are going to return to sound economic practices, how could that not be great news for the markets? How can the markets not essentially cheer the return of American enterprise and ingenuity?

The truth is, that if a stock market is based on a national performance and the currency markets are pretty much that, now is the right time to put money on the U.S.

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