WOW! Vicious Thug Starts SAVAGELY Beating Deputy, Then Something AMAZING Happened

Guns save lives. The popular pro-Second Amendment saying, “the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun,” has been proven right once again.

A Florida commuter shot and killed a man who was beating a Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy along Interstate 75 on Monday morning, Bearing Arms reports. Deputy First Class Dean Bardes was working an accident scene at mile marker 126 when he was attacked by a man.

The 12-year-veteran deputy gave chase when the suspect initially fled. A fight along Corkscrew Road between the deputy and the suspect ensued.

Eventually the suspect had the deputy on the ground, beating him as he cried out for help. A driver who had a concealed carry license (commonly referred to as a CCW permit) pulled over, got out of his vehicle, and ordered the male suspect to stop hitting the Florida deputy.

Reportedly, the CCW carrier made it clear to the suspect that he would shoot if the suspect would not stop beating the deputy. The suspect refused to end the beating. Then…the good guy with a gun shot the bad guy three times — possibly saving the deputy’s life. The still unidentified suspect died a short time later.

The name of this individual has not been released yet, because police are still trying to contact their next-of-kin.

Deputy Dean Bardes was reportedly treated and released from Lee Memorial Hospital. It is not yet known if he tried to fire his service weapon at the suspect.

A video recorded at the scene shows Deputy Bardes flat on his back with the suspect on top of him. Bardes appeared to be taking a pretty severe beating when the CCW holder interceded on his behalf.

The name of the concealed carry license holder has not yet been released either. When his name is finally made public, odds are he will not be paying for his own drinks at his favorite watering hole any time soon!

Thank you, Mr. CCW holder. You saved a life and helped a local hero to go home to his family this week!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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