Wow: What Anti-Trump Protesters Just Did While Burning American Flag Says EVERYTHING

In what was called “the biggest and most violent political protest San Jose has seen in decades,” anti-Trump protesters on Thursday waved Mexican flags as an American flag and a “Make America Great Again” hat went up in flames.

It was unbelievable,” said Steve Tong of Cupertino. “I’ve never seen anything like that in America before.”

He said he saw protesters smash car windows in a parking garage and surround and taunt an elderly couple.

CNN reported that one man was arrested after sucker-punching another, and a woman was pelted with eggs after navigating her way through the hundreds of protesters to reach the San Jose Convention Center.

“In another instance, demonstrators closed in on a Trump supporter and started punching him in the face, and a Trump protester tried to protect the man being attacked and help him and other Trump supporters move safely through the crowd,” CNN reported.

According to a tweet from NBC News’ Jacob Rascon, one protester yelled, “We don’t follow the law.”

Police said there were several arrests.

Arnold Morales of Redwood City, who came to protest at the rally with his 11-year-old son, was revolted by the violence.

“I came to protest Donald Trump, not to get in the middle of this. This is really, really stupid. There’s a lot of people like me, but everyone will just focus on the four crazy ones. That diminishes the message,” he said.

Inside the rally, it was a different story.

One woman held a sign saying, “Mexican Millennial Woman 4 Trump.” Another read, “Muslims for Trump.”

“I’ve never see anything like this in California and I’m glad someone is here representing Republicans in California,” said Carlo Mecozzi, 28, from Santa Cruz.

h/t: CNN

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