WWIII Buildup: Putin Readies Military in Response to NATO’s Eastern Europe Troop Deployment

With all of the chaos coming out of the Middle East and North Africa, Islamic terrorism has been the number one global issue on most people’s minds these days.  With groups like ISIS successfully launching or inspiring attacks across the Islamic World and around the globe, it is hard to blame people for having their focus on radical Islamic terror.

There may be an even more dire situation looming on the horizon, however.

Europe has been in the news recently, primarily due to Brexit — the United Kingdom’s successful referendum to leave the European Union — and for the crisis surrounding the influx of Middle Eastern and North African migrants.  But Islamic extremists may not be Europe’s largest threat.

Between the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, the migrant crisis, and unstable financial markets, the future of Europe has not been so uncertain since the days of the Cold War or even World War II.  Now, tensions between NATO member countries and Russia look to destabilize the continent even further.  Poland has already begun preparing for a possible Russian incursion, and NATO looks to expand their military presence in the Eastern Bloc.

According to new reports, Vladimir Putin is looking to respond to what he views as Western aggression.

Vladimir Putin is preparing to bolster Russia’s military training after condemning NATO’s plans to deploy more forces in Eastern Europe.

Defence chief Andrey Krasov branded NATO proposals to send four multi-national battalions to the Baltic countries and Poland “unfriendly”.

He said: “This increase of the military bloc is definitely an unfriendly step on NATO’s part. It really poses a threat to the Russian Federation.”

The deputy head of the State Duma Committee – a branch of the Russian parliament – said Moscow will hand their soldiers more advanced weapons in response to the plans.

He said: “We must react to this by holding military exercises and be supplying our military forces with the most advanced weapons and other hardware.”

NATO’s secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg described the move as a reply to Russia’s soar in military activity near Ukraine and in the Baltic Sea region.

While Russia continues its territorial aggression in Europe, it also continues its cyber aggression against the United States.  The Russian hack of the Democrat computer network is just the latest in a long line of hacks by both the Russians and Chinese.  It is hard to argue that conditions are not ripe for another World War.

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