Yes, Keith Lamont Scott Was Holding A Gun, Not A Book. Here’s The Proof.

The liberal media jumped on the story of Keith Lamont Scott, an “unarmed” black man who was shot in cold blood by North Carolina police. His only crime was holding a book and waiting to pick up his son from school. What a heartbreaking story. It’s a shame for the liberal narrative that it’s not anything close to the truth.

Not only did reports conflict with the story of Lamont’s girlfriend (a woman also recording the event from about 20 feet away), but new body cam footage released by the police clearly show that Scott had an ankle holster and was holding a weapon. This coincides with the officers’ numerous orders for him to drop the gun. This also coincides with Scott’s previous convictions for assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed weapon.

Here’s definitive proof of Scott holding the gun, according to a user on Twitter:

And a more detailed analysis of the newest video by political commentator and popular YouTuber, Mark Dice.

It’s clear that the liberal media doesn’t care about what actually happened. It’s clear that they’ll gloss over the fact that he had a gun and previous convictions for assaulting people with concealed weapons. The only thing that matters to them is the justification for rioting and the race-baiting tactics that keeps black people and white people at odds for political gain.

It’s disgusting, and America is better than this. Share this video everywhere if you think that this was a good shoot and the police were within their rights to protect themselves from a dangerous man.


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