You Won’t Believe How Long it Takes to Rig a Voting Machine

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has been criticized by the mainstream media for many things — including calling attention to the potential that the November election may be rigged. As it turns out once again, Trump is right.

Politico reported that a Princeton professor has shown that not only is it possible for election machines to be rigged, it can be done in as little as seven minutes.

From Fox News:

Politico reports that Professor Andrew Appel bought a Sequoia AVC Advantage online — one of the oldest voting machines in the U.S. and deployed in Louisiana, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Along with a graduate student, Appel went to work on the machine with a screwdriver, pulling out the ROM chips and replacing them with modified firmware that would throw off the machine’s results. Voters would be oblivious.

Appel is part of a group of so-called ‘cyber-academics’ who have spent a lot of their time hacking the electronic voting machines that took off in the wake of the controversy surrounding the 2000 presidential election. Since then, Appel and his colleagues have been working to convince the public that the system is unsecure and vulnerable to mischief.”

Appel said that this is an issue that has been known about for some time: “Look, we could see 15 years ago that this would be perfectly possible.”

Bringing up the Russian connection, Appel said, “It’s well within the capabilities of a country as sophisticated as Russia.”

Appel noted that one doesn’t even necessarily need to be that sophisticated: “Actually, it’s well within the capabilities of much less well-funded and sophisticated attackers.”

Trump is vindicated once again, but do you think that the mainstream media is going to admit it?

The mainstream media has been proven, via the WikiLeaks release of Democrat National Committee emails, to operate as an arm of the Democrat Party.

Even before this Princeton professor’s findings, it wasn’t at all outside the realm of possibility that the election could be rigged, and that, given the extreme bias of the mainstream media and the dirty tricks played by the Democrats, the election could be rigged against Trump.

Trump is running against not just Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but the mainstream media and widespread corruption in the Democrat Party.

As Trump has said, voters need to be vigilant and if they see something, say something, because it’s obvious that the Democrats are concerned about Trump and will try anything to beat him.

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