You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Is Doing Today…This Is SICK

United States First Lady, Michelle Obama is finalizing her luxurious and lavish trip to Africa and Spain that is paid for by American taxpayers. This Thursday the Spanish people took a glimpse of Michelle’s domineering behavior when she tried telling the citizens of Spain the “right way” to raise their children. She does these things in the U.S. almost on a daily basis.

VIA American Column

The Washington Times reported that Michelle demanded that her audience change “inequalities in our cultures” that hold back women in their daily lives

Michelle then turned on America when she whined that despite progress in women’s rights, “men and women are often held to very different standards” in our country.

“Changes in our laws haven’t always translated to changes in our cultures,” Michelle said. “And many of us still struggle with outdated norms and assumptions about the proper role for women, especially when it comes to our families and our workplaces.”

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