You’ll Be SICK When You See What Obama Did on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is all about honoring those who died while serving in our country’s armed forces to keep this nation safe and protect her freedoms. But..then we look at the complaints rolling in from Barack Obama’s latest apology tour to Japan and his habit of snoozing through Memorial Day events and those people wondering.. Does he value our service members at all?

Now, we see how he treats terrorists better than our veterans. Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage Magazine put it perfectly: “We live today in an America in which the butchers of the Jihad in Guantanamo Bay receive better medical care than veterans waiting endlessly at the VA. While the Obama administration cut off hot meals for Marines in Afghanistan, Islamic terrorists in Guantanamo Bay were enjoying lemon baked fish, honey glazed chicken, lyonaise rice, tandouri chicken breast, okra, hummus, dates, honey, and seasoned lentils.”

Today, let’s not forget about Benghazi either. Although they were not officially at war, we know from those who made it out of that terrorist stronghold that those snakes back in Washington D.C., Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, were responsible for all the deaths of Americans there.

Can you imagine fighting for your life, knowing your American leaders were denying the life-saving help you needed? Then, if you were lucky enough to make it out, you get back and hear all the lies told about what happened? The disgrace Obama, Clinton, and their buddies have brought upon this country in the last seven years makes us pause on Memorial Day, knowing our fellow Americans died for this country, not so it could become a socialist borderless third world nation. It’s disgraceful how he spits in every fallen hero’s face today.

There’s one more thing Obama has done for terrorists, while veterans were dying and not receiving any care through the Veteran’s Administration. He built those Muslim thugs at Guantanamo Bay a $750,000 soccer field. There was money for that, but not for our veterans.

One of the most unforgivable things that probably cost many lives was his policy of never ever allowing our military to wage a real war against the Islamic terrorists. Greenfield says: “Obama denies that Islamic terrorism exists and suppresses any training materials about the role of Islam in Islamic terrorism while his administration warns of domestic terror threats from veterans. Muslim migrants from Syria receive lavish social benefits while health care for veterans is slashed.”

Come next Memorial Day, let’s hope there is a President in the White House, that gives our soldiers the respect and help they need to perform their heroic duties without need for anything. Let’s hope it is a President who honors and is grateful for our Fallen soldiers…who deserve every ounce of respect we have!

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